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How it Works

Syncteam catalogs and manuals have been designed for quick and easy initial setup and user-friendly compatibility with iPad. As a new subscriber, you simply fill in a form on our website using any computer and we will immediately activate your account.

In minutes you’re ready to start putting together your catalog or product manual! Company logo and colors, high resolution product images, CAD drawings and product lines, text descriptions and other details are put in place as simply as moving files from one folder to another on your own computer. It’s that simple!

Once you have your data in place, you can setup individual accounts for each member of your sales team by following our easy step-by-step format. When you’re finished, the application and data can then be downloaded to your sales team’s individual devices as soon as they login.

Each salesperson is able to review their own customer accounts which provide customer-specific information, including ranges of products with individual prices - in different currencies if required. They will also be able to connect with the company’s accounting and sales order systems, and customer order history can also be reviewed online, along with other relevant reports.

With our manuals, you can easily customize the app to include any special features, options or custom components which are unique to an individual customer’s product, for example, a yacht.

All the information a salesperson or end-user would likely need for their catalog or manual is available offline, but if they need even more, they simply go online to access any additional information. And if there’s a price increase or discount on a particular range of products or some kind of change in the style or design of a product, the next time a user connects to the site the changes will automatically be loaded to their iPad.

Key features of the Syncteam catalogs and manuals:

  • Use your company logo and colors;
  • Search, browse and filter products;
  • Browse product details;
  • View product pictures in a slideshow;
  • Browse product configurations and specifications;
  • Access files and additional information;
  • Browse product components;
  • Add to favorites (My Products);
  • Email product details and photos, as well as file attachments for individual products;
  • Order products (orders are queued up when off-line and sent to server when on-line);
  • Switch between customer profiles associated with the current user;
  • Connect to your company’s accounting and inventory systems.