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Flip, Tap and Sell!

Is your latest paper-based product catalog or manual already outdated?

If not, it likely will be soon, and we understand that updates are costly and require a great deal of time and effort.
They don’t have to be anymore.

Syncteam has developed extremely portable and comprehensive product catalog and manual apps for iPad which enable the sales force of any size organization to present their company profile, detailed product information, including drill down hierarchical data for complex products, customer account information and much more, all accessible both off and online, and always up to date.

With the Syncteam app, supported by our IT professionals, companies create their own product catalogs for their sales people on the road, on the sales floor or your exhibition stand, and our product manuals put every detail of even the most sophisticated products right in front of you with the tap of a finger. Your data is stored and managed on our cloud-based website via any browser on any computer, and then downloaded to the trendy and highly functional iPad. And we are working on adapting the catalog for use on additional platforms such as Android and Windows.

The Syncteam catalog is an invaluable selling tool for any trade or retail salesman, manufacturer’s representative, agent with multiple portfolios, or large corporation for use by their entire sales force, and our manuals give your end-users all the information they need to fully appreciate and utilize the features and benefits of your products. And it will only get better, with new features and functions already in development. Don’t be left behind!

"Go Green" with Syncteam!

Today, many organizations have "green" and "sustainability" goals, and companies of all sizes, across all industries, can easily move closer to a paperless environment with Syncteam catalogs and manuals while operating more efficiently and gaining competitive advantages.

Syncteam helps you to achieve your sustainability goals by automating paper-based catalogs and manuals and providing secure access to complete product information from anywhere in the world. Remote or in-store sales people, customers, partners, and vendors can get access to the information they need, when they need it. Reducing the printing and ground or air delivery of your catalogs around the globe results in dramatically less paper and power usage, as well as reduced emissions and fuel consumption. Let us help you contribute to saving our planet!